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DS-2 Sonic Anemometer
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Measure Horizontal Wind Speed and DirectionThe DS-2 is a rugged, research-grade two-dimensional sonic anemometer built specifically for agricultural, forestry, and environmental research applications.Accurate at Low Wind SpeedsA lower wind speed threshold of 0 m/s makes the DS-2 especially well-suited for measuring wind within plant canopies, where wind speeds are often below the threshold of a cup anemometer. And with a resolution of 0.01 m/s, the DS-2 is capable of recording fine-scale...

VP-4 Vapor Pressure, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, & Relative Humidity Sensor
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Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Air Temperature, and Vapor Pressure Use the rugged VP-4 sensor with soil moisture probes in microclimate and evapotranspiration studies. SDI-12 Compatible Integrate into non-Decagon data loggers with the easy-to-use SDI-12 communication protocol. Compact This 5 cm x 2 cm sensor is able to fit into the smallest of spaces. Weatherproof Thanks to its unique Teflon screen, the relative humidity sensor can survive a deluge. Naturally, it won't be transmitting...

PYR Solar Radiation Sensor & leveling plate w/ 3.5mm Stereo, 3m cable
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The PYR total solar radiation sensor (pyranometer) measures the solar radiation flux density (in watts per meter squared) from a field of view of 180 degrees.

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High Resolution Rain GaugeThe best rain gauge for measuring precipitationDual Spoon Mechanism for Better ResolutionTwo internal tipping spoons make this rain gauge very sensitive, with one tip per 0.2 mm of rain.DurableMade of durable plastic that is UV, water, and frost-resistant.

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WeatherFlow WINDmeters are pocket-sized anemometers that capture highly accurate wind measurements. They connect to your iOS or Android device with the free ‘WINDmeter’ app to archive or share critical weather information. Hold it up high facing into the wind. Your phone does the rest by recording the wind speed (average, lull and gust), wind direction and location. The WINDmeter is designed to be the most accurate handheld anemometer on the market. Calibrated at the University of Florida’s...

Decagon Complete Weather Station weather station,temperature,relative humidity,barometric pressure
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Measure weather data where you are, not 5 miles away at the Met tower, so that you can precisely measure environmental variation with site specific data. Easily account for environmental variables with simple, accurate, plug-and-log sensors.

Digital Atmosphere
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Digital Atmosphere is a powerful weather forecasting program that allows you to create detailed maps of real-time weather for anywhere in the world. It makes extensive use of techniques and algorithms that are comparable and in some cases superior to the National Weather Service's multimillion-dollar computers. It runs on any Windows system, and uses free data from government and university sources on the Internet.

Davis WeatherLink Software for Vantage Pro and Weather Envoy - USB Connection
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Post your weather data directly to the internet without a PC! Not a web guru? Don't worry—WeatherLinkIP does all the work for you.Simply plug the data logger into the back of your Vantage console or your Weather Envoy and connect the cable to your cable/DSL router. Within minutes, you'll be able to see your weather data live on the Internet.WeatherLinkIP is "plug-and-play," when used with and there is no annual subscription. Simple configuration steps are required to upload to...

Mounting Tripod for Davis Instruments
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Use a mounting tripod for your Davis Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue to make installation even easier. Brackets at the base of each leg tilt to mount on your roof or uneven terrain. The two included poles may be used separately or together.

Tru-Chek Rain Gauge
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Vantage Vue® Wireless Weather Station
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Fully Integrated Wireless Weather StationThe Vantage Vue® Wireless Weather Station provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a self-contained, easy-to-install system. Vantage Vue gives you all the weather data you need for home use, education, boating and more. Sleek but tough—your outdoor sensor suite sets up in minutes and starts sending data wirelessly to your console anywhere in your home, school, or business. You'll see current weather conditions, including indoor and outdoor...

Weather Master Software™ for Columbia Weather Stations
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Professional Weather MonitoringWeatherMaster Software™ is designed specifically to optimize the capabilities of weather stations manufactured by Columbia Weather Systems. Providing real-time computer weather monitoring, WeatherMaster offers automatic logging of all measured parameters and automatic export of weather data to a web site. The software is capable of monitoring multiple weather stations simultaneously.WeatherMaster Software is compatible with all following weather stations from...