The Weather MicroServer offers a variety of Internet and industrial protocols for automated reporting via computer or industrial automation system.

  • FTP output (XML and CSV) • XML web service • Internet browser user interface (see below for monitoring screen)
  • SNMP, Modbus/OPC and RTU, DNP3 and BACnet communication protocols are standard for industrial applications.
  • Compatible with CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program) and Weather Underground, the MicroServer can automatically post data from your weather station to these network websites.
  • The Weather MicroServer has datalogging capability. It connects to your network with an included Ethernet cable.
  • Three serial ports offer interface to the weather station, the optional Weather Display Console, and/or additional peripheral devices or sensors such as Visibility and the Orion LT Wind-Only transmitter.

The Weather MicroServer can provide real-time weather data to WeatherMaster Software over the network. This allows users to simultaneously monitor the weather using WeatherMaster on any computer connected to the network.

Automatic interface to Weather Underground and adding widgets to your website as shown below.

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