Need a sure-fire way to get your name in the door after a storm has passed? Try our incredibly popular and easy direct mail postcard campaign to get your message out quickly. Your postcard campaign includes a custom design, printing, postage, addressing, and delivery with one simple phone call. We take the headache out of storm marketing!

Whether you own a roofing business, construction company or even an auto body repair shop, there is going to be a high demand by customers who need your assistance after the storm clouds have cleared. The first step though, is reaching out to them and explaining how you can help.

Let the experts at HailWATCH take care of designing, printing and addressing your postcards. Additionally, there's no extra costs to worry about as we include the cost of postage and delivery, ensuring that customers living in hail damaged areas are able to find quality businesses that can handle their needed repairs.

The benefits of postcards by HailWATCH

It might be an increasingly digital age, but one thing that has not changed is that customers value good service. By sending out direct mail to storm damage victims, companies are putting an advertisement in the consumers' hands. Email blasts can be generic, which is why individuals are quick to hit the delete button, but a postcard from HailWATCH is personalized and demands attention.

When your business contacts us, we'll work one on one with you to create a strong marketing campaign that will grab customers' attention and help promote your message. Postcard marketing service from HailWATCH includes a custom design, printing, postage, addressing and delivery with one simple phone call. We take the headache out of storm marketing! Additionally, our postcard campaign option includes:

  • Three different sizes with customizable quantities to fit your budget
  • Full-color, front and back postcards printed on high-quality glossy paper
  • Pin-point targeting with the purchase of a HailSWATH map, based on hail size and/or path .