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Storm Analysis 101 Educational DVD
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Introduction There are three introduction section that utilize five separate storm chase events. Each chase begins with a setup section that looks at using upper air charts, surface charts, sounding data, satellite and radar imagery. While in hot pursuit, the narrator will use a voice over and paused images to showcase features and notable learning items for the viewer to gain practical knowledge they can use in the field. Intro Basics - 22 Minutes Intro Structures - 29 Minutes Forecasting -...

Chasing the Joplin, MO EF-5 Tornado
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Legendary and Emmy Award winning Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski and Published Photographer/Storm Chaser Kathryn Piotrowski captured every stunning, heart gripping moment in HD from two camera perspectives. This footage is "the best tornado footage you will ever see" shot at incredibly close range from inside the wrap around of the tornado and within blocks of the violent core�flying debris pelting their chase vehicle "The War Horse". With debris still falling all around them and the deafening...