These weather alerts are delivered when a user-defined threshold is triggered from any of the weather condition variables listed below. You can choose to activate alerts using data from any one of the 25,000 weather stations with the AnythingWeather network or use your own weather station data.

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Max Wind Speed
  • Minimum Wind Chill
  • Maximum Heat Index
  • High Relative Humidity
  • Low Relative Humidity
  • Maximum Rain Amount in last 10 minutes
  • Maximum Rain in last 60 Minutes
  • Maximum Dew Point
  • Minimum Dew Point
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    Clients can set up multiple alerts for a single station when any or all of the thresholds are reached. Here are a couple examples of these alerts:

    AW ALERT: Parker Weather Station reported MIN TEMP of 11 F @ 9:30am MST

    AW ALERT: Air Force Academy reported WIND CHILL of -10 F @ 4:55am MST

    We can also set up weather stations to send a periodic update of the current weather conditions at frequencies of every hour, 3 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours. An example of this report follows:

    AW UPDATE: Indian Palms Report @ 02/07/2008 6:40am PST: T:39F, RH:80%, DP:33F, NW @ 1mph, 0.00", 30.26"