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  • History of wind from January 1, 2009 to present
  • 1 mile per hour precision
  • Wind speed at location, 1 mile, 3 miles and 10 miles
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  • Trusted, third-party information
  • Continental U.S. coverage
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    Verify the hail history at the location and surrounding areas from January 1, 2009 to present.

    Comprehensive Meteorological Summary:

    Includes detailed meteorological written report, map, and NEXRAD radar imagery if requested.

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    This forensic quality wind analysis report provides an estimated maximum wind speed magnitudes for any type of windstorm including thunderstorm, tropical storms, hurricanes, gradient wind, and down-slope winds for the location of interest as well as within one, three and ten miles of the location.

    WindFACTS reports are derived by a fully-automated, severe wind verification system
    from CoreLogic@. This system combines proprietary, three-dimensional storm models with artificial intelligence, radar data, and real-world observations to analyze what actually happened.

    Each reports contains dates when wind events produced at least 40 MPH or higher winds at the location. Each wind speed record represents a mean 3-second wind gusts at 10 meters; starting at 40 MPH and increasing in 1 MPH increments.