First Alert's WX-150 helps you stay on top of severe weather conditions and civil emergencies. It features Specific Area Message Encoding, which allows you to receive only those messages and warnings that affect to your specific area. The WX-150 monitors the NOAA Weather Band continuously, and receives 79 different types of emergency messages including AMBER Alerts, Civil Danger, Immediate Evacuation and more.

  • Automatically alerts you to a wide variety of severe weather and civil emergencies in your area
  • Monitors NOAA weather band day and night, receiving a total of 79 emergency civil and severe weather messages
  • Utilizes S.A.M.E. to help you avoid non-local alerts, and is programmable to receive warnings for emergencies specific to your area
  • Easy-to-read digital LCD screen shows you time and date, and scrolls through message information during emergencies
  • Wall mountable, with a battery back-up for power outages, and a manufacturer's 90-day warranty
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