This hail report delivers a street level analysis of hail producing thunderstorms that impacted portions of Missouri, Kansas and Iowa including Galloway, MO-Council Grove, KS-New Virginia, IA on May 11, 2020.

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      Our maps are based on a proprietary hail verification model shown to be up to four times more accurate than products based on the Hail Detection Algorithm (HDA). Built from the ground up, this model combines proprietary hail size algorithms, state-of-the-science artificial intelligence, 3-D storm models, and the best available remote sensing and point-specific weather data to objectively determine the maximum estimated hail size that fell over a given area of interest.

      ***Due to the nature of the product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. You are purchasing a limited license to view the map of the event via our online weather portal only.

      • Up to 14 Contours Level from 0.75 inches up to 4 inches
      • Turn On/Off Any Hail Contours
      • View in Full Screen Mode
      • Add Custom Locations
      • Plot Local Storm Reports
      • Google Maps Satellite & 3D Street View
      • Easily Change Opacity of Layers
      • 6 Different Color Pallets to Choose From
      • Find Your Location Button for iOS and Android
      • View Major Building Supplier Locations

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