This wind report delivers a street level analysis of damaging winds for the entire duration of Hurricane Ian.  The map will be updated continually as the storm moves on-shore in Florida and up the east coast. This SWATH will cover all states impacted by Hurricane Ian during this event.

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    Our wind maps are powered by a fully-automated, severe wind verification system. This system combines proprietary, three-dimensional storm models with artificial intelligence, radar data, and real-world observations to analyze what actually happened.  After initial generation, our WindSWATH are carefully analyzed and reviewed by our team of meteorologists for maximum accuracy. 

    ***Due to the nature of the product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. You are purchasing a limited license to view the map of the event via our online weather portal only.

    • Up to 14 Contours Level from 0.75 inches up to 4 inches
    • Turn On/Off Any Hail Contours
    • View in Full Screen Mode
    • Add Custom Locations
    • Plot Local Storm Reports
    • Google Maps Satellite & 3D Street View
    • Easily Change Opacity of Layers
    • 6 Different Color Pallets to Choose From
    • Find Your Location Button for iOS and Android
    • View Major Building Supplier Locations

    HailSWATH Map in Action